Working at 1369

We want 1369 to be a great place to work. It should be fun, challenging, and a place to grow.

Because we are committed to running a great coffeehouse, and believe that it’s a never-ending pursuit, we ask a lot of our staff, and vest them with responsibility for everything in the store – from espresso quality to our efforts at greening the operation.

Training is at the core of what we do. From our basic training to our advanced barista program, we believe that at all levels, our staff need to be given the tools to succeed.

Our advanced barista program recognizes our best baristas in the store, and asks them to take responsibility for mentoring other staff. The advanced baristas meet regularly to discuss our staff’s progress and geek out on espresso. Every year, we send our advanced baristas to espresso competitions around the northeast.

We want 1369 to be a home to our staff, and work hard to make it a fun place to work. We love to have fun, and even rent a summer house for the staff to use. But, most importantly, we treat our staff as individuals. We believe that 1369 should act as a platform for the staff’s pursuit of art, music, or other passions. We will never have uniforms, and tattoos are fine.

We are an equal opportunity employer, and offer full benefits including health insurance and a retirement package.

If you’re interested in working at 1369, you can get a copy of our application here. Please print it out and drop it off at one of our stores.